Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement UTM

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements Testing

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According to the class rule all vessels undergo periodical surveys of hull (annual and intermediate special) with the purpose to test the fully. This helps in determining lots of factors in maritime industry.  Ultrasonic thickness measurement is one such test included in the maintenance of vessel.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is a techniques used to determine the condition and wall thickness of tanks, vessels, boilers pipelines. The inspection scope of most process equipment will include the application of UMT at critical areas.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM):-

UTM is to determine the thickness of the object under examination

Detect erosion/ corrosion
Determine corrosion rates by subsequent measurement
Determine base line thickness
Verify thickness of incoming material

Determine discontinuity depth, discontinuity size, extent of disbondment between two ultrasonic conducting materials. Typical information shall be reviewed prior to inspection such as codes & standards, procedure, ISO drawings, P & ID drawings, previous reports.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement of hull is required periodically for hull surveys according to the survey programs of Classification Societies, compiling reports of thickness measurements, preparation of repair sketches for hull structure, and for steel repair work for all types of vessels.

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