Ship Design and Maritime Design Industry

Zener Maritime Design Industry:

Zener maritime offers innovative and cost efficient ship design that is environmentally compliant with rules and regulations. We design and develop vessel design with high focus on safety, cost optimization, fuel economy and environmental considerations. All this is done in accordance with the company’s strategic environmental program. We differentiate from our competitors by offering design development using practical approach by experienced engineering team regardless of the complexity of the project. We give keen consideration to the technical aspects such as safety, station-keeping, crew comfort and on-board logistics.

Our team creates vessels with a great variety of purposes with characteristics in relations to sea conditions for the offshore industry. Our clientele includes include companies from marine, offshore, power, oil & gas, construction and structural maintenance sectors.

Basic / Initial Design

  • Ship System Schematics
  • Electrical System Design
  • Hull Design
  • Outfitting Design
  • Statutory Plans
  • Yard Supervision

Naval Architectural Services

  • Scantling Calculations
  • Rule Based Calculations
  • Intact & Damage Stability and Probabilistic Damage Stability Analysis
  • Sea Fastening Calculations
  • Tonnage and Freeboard Calculations
  • Deadweight Survey and Inclining Experiments

Vessel Conversion Design

  • OSV to MPSV
  • DP2 Conversion
  • Barge to Crane Barge
  • Barge to Accommodation Barge

Design Modifications

  • Modification for New Panama Canal Transit
  • Ballast Water Management System Retrofit
  • Deadweight Increment
  • Increasing On-board Crane Capacity
  • Accommodation Extension
  • Wheel House Upgrading
  • Heli-deck Structure and Design