Safety Policy

Rope Access equipment
  • Safety Culture -­ Zero Incident Till Date in last 15 years of operation since inception
  • Mandatory Safety Seminars conducted by LBS, Mumbai
  • Ballast Tank Inspection Training Program
  • All Teams Equipped with:
    • Personal Gas Detectors
    • Inflatable Life Jackets for Ship Joining
    • Safety Harness during In -­ Tank Inspection
  • All Rope Access Technicians are certified by IRATA, and always work under a IRATA Level 3 Safety Supervisor
  • All Rope Access equipment inspected and tested once a year by safety supervisors
  • Technicians available with HUET Certification
  • Custom Built Neoprene RaUs with enhanced safety features like Sea Anchors, Multi-­Chamber Buoyancy Tanks and Extra Fendering