Rope Access Solutions

Rope Access Solutions Singapore

The primary purpose of a thickness measurement survey is to ascertain the steel condition of the vessel. However the report will mean nothing unless it is acted upon and the necessary repairs are carried out.

Zener group is a leading engineering and inspection organization, providing engineering, inspection, maintenance services to the marine, offshore, and structural maintenance industries worldwide.  With years of industry experience, we have developed our capabilities to provide extensive inspection and maintenance management services to the industry. The important purpose of ultrasonic thickness measurement is to ascertain the steel condition of the vessel.
Zener maritime group is a designated client to carry out UTM across the site. Our entire team of technicians has the relevant safety and experience training to allow them to work on various areas on the vessel.

What is rope access solution?

The rope access solution is a preferred method to carry out inspections, tests and other maintenance service related work on ships across the globe. The versatility of rope access service helps to reach remote locations on the ship for inspection, testing, and engineering function.
During ultrasonic thickness testing of a vessel rope access solution comes very handy for technicians to reach remote spaces without any hindrance.
Rope access work services:

•    Ultrasonic thickness measurement
•    Assembly and disassembly
•    Preparation of surfaces for paints & other coating material
•    Rigging
•    Electrical system installation
•    Welding
•    Other work performed at heights