Tube Inspections

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Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection Services:

Steam Boiler Tube failures and sizes continue to increase boiler tube repairs.

What could be the reason for Boiler tube failure:

  • Stress
  • Corrosion
  • Cracking
  • Corrosion
  • Metal Failure
  • Corrosion Stress

Boiler tube repairs are expensive, so finding the cause of Boiler tube failure is critical. Boiler tube failure analysis is about corrosion, stress cracking, metal failure, corrosion stress etc.

Steam Boiler Tube failure corrosion stress cracking can happen for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes they are hidden from plain sight.

Tube failure analysis and tube testing is well suited for heat exchangers like steam turbine condensers or shell and tube heat exchangers. Heat exchangers of all sizes generally have very-expensive tubes, so replacing the tubing will reach senior decision makers in your facility mechanisms are not always clearly identified, then boiler tube failure analysis and testing may be needed.

No single inspection technique is adequate for all types of materials and a single-technology system is only used for a narrow range of applications. The eddy current (EC) technique is commonly used to inspect nonferromagnetic materials. Remote field testing (RFT) and magnetic flux leakage (MFL) techniques are used for the inspection of ferrite materials and carbon steel tubes. The internal rotary inspection system (IRIS) ultrasound technique is used for tube profilometry and corrosion mapping, and is a reliable validation technique for eddy current, remote field, and magnetic flux leakage inspections of any material.