Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Services

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is a technique that is extremely suitable for the inspection of non-ferritic pipes.

Eddy Current is a test in which a coil generates an alternating magnetic field. This creates Eddy Currents in the pipe wall. Defects in the pipe influence the course of these Eddy Currents. The Eddy Currents in the pipe wall also causes a magnetic field. A comparison of the changes between these two magnetic fields provides information about the status of the pipe wall at that point.

EC detects and quantifies both local defects such as pitting and the formation of cracks, and a general reduction in wall thickness. Internal and external defects can be detected and distinguished. The filling factor is essential for the sensitivity and reliability of the inspection. That is why the pipes have to be clean so that the largest possible measurement probe can be used. All of the magnetic particles of the pipe also need to be removed in order to minimize any possible interruptions of the signal.

Characteristics :

  • Suitable for Non Ferrous Tubing such as SS304 /316, Brass, Titanium / Inconel / Copper / Copper Nickel etc
  • Can Detect Pits / Corrosion / Erosion / Axial Cracking
  • Uses Multiple Frequencies for Better Analysis and Flaw Sizing
  • The Probe needs a good fill factor to remain sensitive
  • Probe centering is important for uniform sensitivity
  • Very Fast Technique