Green Technology Cell

Green Technology Singapore

Green Passport Ship Recycling & Green Technology Services:

We at Zener Maritime Solutions are committed to minimize and if possible eliminate accidents to human health and the environment. We do this by the process of ship recycling.

Our mission is to enhance a ship’s safety, protect human health and the environment all through a ship’s operating life, all of which we believe are vital for the maritime industry to flourish. We are able to do this by providing different types of green technology surveys.

We enforce all rules and regulations, regarding recycling ships, in a manner that is safe and environmentally friendly. In order to implement this, Zener has been focusing its efforts to develop a set of internal guidelines according to the 2009 Hong Kong International Convention and the newly ratified EU regulation (OCT 2013). We cover all the important aspects such as Development of the inventory of hazardous materials, development of ship recycling plan, authorization of ship recycling facilities, and the safe and environmentally friendly methods of ship recycling.

We also have a team of certified professionals who are DNV GL approved HAZMAT experts.

We provide our services in following areas:

  1. Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)
  2. Vessel Decommissioning Survey and Supervision
  3. Pre-planning and Green Passport Inspection Services
  4. Noise and Structure Vibration Surveys
  5. Ballast Water Treatment System Integration

Our ship recycling facilities include:

  • In-house DNV GL approved IHM experts
  • Strong base in ship recycling documentation and record maintenance
  • Experienced ship recycling supervisors
  • Strong ethical recycling practices
  • A wide and varied platter of services to choose from
  • Strong and credible research teams

We house solutions for all your maritime recycling and inspection programs.