Dry Docking and Planned Maintenance Implementation Cell

Just as important as carrying out a thorough pre-docking preparation, is to have a good competent team to assist the Owners / Managers complete the planned maintenance.

The highly recommended Zener’s pre-docking preparation services complement well with the services we provide as far as Dry Docking and planned maintenance are concerned.

No matter what the timeline or the demand, Zener Maritime Solutions is fully prepared to provide a qualified and well experienced team of naval architects, repair supervisors and technicians who can assist in dry-docking and shut-downs.

Dry Docking Services:

  • Steel Repair Supervision: Including estimation, preparation of work specifications and repair supervision
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement and non destructive testing
  • Videoscopy and boroscopy for inspection of narrow and difficult-to-reach places
  • Welding procedures and supervision
  • Electrical superintendency / supervision
  • Reporting daily work status to the superintendent
  • Staging Volume Calculation
  • Painting Area Calculation
  • Work done verifications

Benefits of Using Zener’s Dry Docking Related Services:

  • A one-stop-shop for all Structural inspection needs.
  • We’ll ensure that we are constantly in touch with the Owners. We also commit that the liaison will prove to be an accountable and responsible representative during discussions with third parties.
  • Our abilities go beyond traditional satisfaction levels. We also provide best in class services but also help our clients save on projects. With our vigilant supervision and detailed engineering specifications, we have various case studies which our teams have managed to optimize the scope of work within the class requirement framework and still bring out cost savings that run into hundreds and thousands of dollars.
  • We provide feedback on a regular basis, and our diligence in the vessel helps Superintendents use their time more strategically as per the need of the vessel.

We also provide Naval Architectural Solutions Allied Areas of Dry-Docking or for Special Projects for the Ship Owners and Managers:

  • Collision survey and repair Specifications
  • New Building Project Management
  • Dimensional Survey
  • Pre-purchase Survey
  • Naval Architectural Calculations
  • Tank calibration using 3- D laser scanning
  • 3-D scanning of engine room, pump room and other spaces for carrying out feasibility studies to implement water ballast treatment plants.
  • Plan updating.
  • Addition of tanks or existing tank partition and conversion
  • Preparation of capacity plan with amendments
  • Preparation of Deadweight Scale
  • Updating GA plans
  • Updating Pipeline drawings
  • Updating Electrical drawings