Drone Ship Survey & Maritime Services

In maritime industry drones have potential to revolutionize the maritime business reducing time, cost & danger of many operations improving the values of the data captured by drones. Many maritime business are evaluating the role of drones can play in their business to try and seize competitive advantage

Zener maritime team deploys high definition camera equipped drone anywhere to remotely assess structural components and verify conditions. Identifying corrosion, critical deformation, breaks, damage, or other deterioration can be possible rapidly, effectively and cost-adequately utilizing drones.

External review and inspection includes an underlying screening of the vessel by drones. This recognizes any regions that requires nearer assessment, without the need for any access equipment. To do this, the drone is flown over the surface utilizing an automatic flight control system which is controlled by a human pilot. The drones capture the data in the form of videos and high resolution images during the flight. The information is transmitted to the system user and is reviewed for defects on the vessel’s exterior, for example, such as peeling paintwork and dents.

The advantage of drone survey and inspections are unmatched: procuring information for external inspections takes a fraction of time and the vessel downtime for inspection is greatly reduced.