3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning Services

3-D Laser Scanning Services

3D scanning technology

3D laser scanning and surveying is used in ship for retrofit, refurbishment, renovation, change of use, insurance & 3D navigation models. Our team of Zener Group uses new & traditional techniques for surveying with CAD model of a marine vessel in any type of environment. Our 3D laser scanning team has the skill & experience to generate both 2D and 3D CAD plans for implementing on-board any ship or on any off-shore structure.

What is 3D scanning of marine vessel?

The toughest condition on our planet is the marine world. And to survive this harsh environment a ship requires regular maintenance. A lot of the time it happens that crew does not have drawing and any 3D scanning files of the things to be repaired and for making new parts of existing system.

When you do not have any 3D data or drawings of any part, 3D scanners are used.

After collecting data, 3D software tool are used to get the perfect model. In this model, we export the file to other software, where we can make the required changes.

How 3D scanning can help you?

3D scanning on marine vessel is an accurate method for getting as-is field data. The method effectively collects large amount of data and is a helpful way for your engineers to determine   Lost or missing drawings, Engine Room Clash Detection, Hull Stations and Offsets, Digital Hull Survey, Retro Fitting, Reconstruction, Surface Modeling, Reverse Engineering, and so on.

Benefits of 3D scanner

  • Save time in designing work
  • Reduced survey and inspection time
  • Reduce exposure to hazardous environments
  • Capture all physical measurement of any real object
  • Make sure that all parts fits together on the go
  • Capture engineering optimizations inherent in manufactured parts
  • Utilize modern manufacturing on parts
  • Reduce rework and crew downtime
  • Less need for scaffolding